• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure & Future genres.
  • The game system is Mech Warrior 3.0.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
We Could Be Heroes
May 1st 3052, Planet Lordinax - 1430 Hours Local Time - 124th Combined Arms Field H.Q.

The situation ? Total chaos. The clearing is under constant enemy fire; intermittent mortars, some big Marian Hegemony artillery shells landing fairly close and random small arms fire reminding everyone that the front is very close. Captain John Miller crosses the broken and muddy ground between his worn Rifleman and the bunker entrance and dashes into the sandbagged stairway to the H.Q. He stumbles down the makeshift stairs. Sand and dirt falls with the closest of the explosions which continue as he descends. Miller salutes the Major standing near the end of the map table. ... Miller; Assault Company, second of the fifth. ... Go on in captain.

Miller goes deeper into the H.Q. bunker passing through into a very rough ferrous concrete structure that looks as if it had been constructed for the previous war a century earlier, where he finds a dozen officers with as many aides, runners and radiomen. The room is very busy, a digital field map on a large table dominates the center of the small space, heavy cables litter the floor running in all directions. The men in the room note Miller, a few nod to him respectfully. He's clearly someone special. Colonel Sam Anderson is in command; talking on a field-phone. He's about fifty, firm and steady, the calm at the eye of the storm. He sees Miller and motions for him to wait.

The colonel talking into a field-phone ... I understand your problem, but if we don't get that equipment off-loaded by 0600, we're going to have an entire division up at Uoodwan with its dick hanging out and no one to hold it. ... A lieutenant steps up to Miller and hands him a sheet of paper. ... Captain ? Here's your company address list. ... My what ? ... Your address list ... for letters to the families of your killed-in-action. ... Miller hands the list back to the Lieutenant. ... Find a chaplain. ...

... Alright, let me know when. ... Anderson hangs up, speaks directly to an aide. ... Have the Second and Third Regiments hold at Point Blaire until we get those mechs ... maybe see if that adhoc support company can fill the gap with some direct fire anti-mech stuff. ... Yes, sir.

Colonel Anderson turns to Miller ... Report. ... Sector four is secured, we put out the last three Marian one-fifty-fives, found them about two miles in from that warehouse where they were storing those support guns. Corporal Wellington brought back a prime mover with lowboy trailer, loaded to the gills, thought you might find a use for 'em. Illyrian made and supplied I think. ... Resistance ? ... A full battalion. Canopus Mercenaries, mostly SPGs and anti-mech units. No infantry. We took twenty-three prisoners, turned them over to intelligence. ... Casualties ? ... Thirteen with heavy damage. My comms guy bought the farm, AC-10 directly through the face plate. Had to leave the hulk in the field, nothing I could do. ... An instant of silence, all hear, none look. ...   They just didn't want to give up those guns, sir. ...  It was a hard assignment, that's why you got it. ... Yes, sir.

Where are your remaining men now? ... Pinned down, a mile east of here, waiting for some help from the navy guns. ... I'm sending Simpson to take over for you. The division is going to Uoodwan.  You're not. I have something else for you. ... Sir ? ...

There've been strange reports and sightings up and down the front. Drop ship landings. Unloading of material. Deep pockets and more reinforcements than we can contain. I need recon. If what my initial reports are confirmed the Hegs have been seriously reinforced. I want you to take a cobbled recon lace up to Weifang. ... The colonel looked over another piece of paper as he talked ... Take whoever you need, you've got your pick of the company to form a lance. ... The colonel looked at his watch ... You've got eighteen hours to take a look and get back here ... nineteen and this clearing will be empty. I have to assume that they are pushing hard and we are in the way.

Weifang, Sir ? ... That's what I said Miller. ... But, sir ... I ... I ... Spit it out, Captain. ... Miller hesitates, then ... Respectfully, sir, sending men all the way up to Weifang just to look for new gear doesn't make a fucking, goddamned bit of sense. ... Sir. Why not send a drone or have one of those navy jocks take a look. I'd be quicker. ... The other officers freeze, listening without turning.  Colonel Anderson glares at Miller. ... You think just because you hold the Federated Cluster of Merit, you can say any damn thing you please to your superior officers ? ... Miller considers the question, then smiles. ...  Yes, sir, more or less. ... Colonel Anderson looks as if he's about to bite Miller's head off, then he smiles, too.

Alright. I'll give you that. ... Continue. ... The numbers don't make sense, sir. Sending a lance of men fifty clicks up the road to check out a report about some new junk is absurd ! You can see the same thing on any Friday night in Milwaukee and no one gets killed. ... Miller Shrugs. ... What about Morgan ? Fine officer, regular church goer, writes poetry I'm told, great eye sight ... he might like a mission like this. ... And he's taller than me. ... Colonel Anderson listens with amused tolerance, but it's time to get back to business. ... That's enough, Captain. You have your orders. Major Thomas will fill you in. ... Miller knows when to back off. He salutes. ... Yes, sir. ... Miller and Colonel Anderson exchange a private look. ... Good luck, John. ... Thank you, sir.


 "We Could Be Heroes" is intended to be a fast paced old fashioned story similar to any old B movie or Saturday afternoon WW2 action series from the late sixties and early seventies; Rat Patrol, COMBAT, or Baa Baa Black Sheep, crossed with the best of Stackpole, Keith and Thurston, for about 5 players, posting a minimum of three to four times a week. We are using the Mech Warrior 3.0 rules system for out of the cockpit action and a streamlined Battletech system for mech combat.

 The players will take the parts of the standard mech lance that we have all read about and dreamed about a hundred dozen times. When we finish (some time in the distant future) the only thing that should be missing were the Doritos and Mountain Dew ! And if you supply that ... you should then be quite happy.

 The campaign map will be quite familiar ... all of the expanse of known space with side tips to the periphery ! We will be beginning with very green pilots. They will all have had their basic training and will be veterans of one campaign (a garrison contract that turns into a holding action on Lordinax). All players will be FedCom forces, but any nationality is of course allowed.

 Required resources - We will be using the Mech Warrior 3.0 rules and all other player and GM resources and Battletech - Total Warfare, as well as any other materials that I lay my hands on.

 WARNING - Back stories - There are no lost princes, no younger nephews or relatives of famous admirals/generals, unloved wanderers brooding about unrequited love or a missing parent or sibling. No one in THIS group is heir to anything ... except derision from the DM. All those haunted youths are in another group bothering a different DM. Consider this your last warning. Players have knowledge of the local area, a good knowledge of the houses at war (basically what they learned in high school and advanced training). The campaign begins in a clearing that is under fire, on a planet in the Lothian League, a periphery state that has had constant pressure from the Marian Hegemony.

 "Incoming 155mm artillery rounds" cure a wealth of misdeeds by the players. According to Webster, "Incoming 155mm artillery rounds" are a strike from the heavens, can travel to unheard of depths, and through even the thickest ferro-steel to strike an errant player. "Incoming 155mm artillery rounds" target with unheard of accuracy, doing massive damage and pulverizing the errant player that is bothering the DM.