• This game is under the Strategy, Anime & Action/Adventure genres.
  • This game contains adult content.
The Admiral's Code
Welcome to The Admiral's Code. A brain child of my own, this game is the first one out of hopefully a theme of Large world building sea base games.

The game itself is set in a post-modern era, Around 2060 on a oceanic world Where humans are the dominant species but not as Wide spread and Populated.

The Deep sea's are owned by the Leviathan's ancient Sea monstrosity's amalgamation's form love-craftian nightmare. Or the mysterious fog vessel's without crew from a bygone era, Who stalk the Open water watching and waiting, But for what?

two nations vying over control of the island's and oceanic resources to stabilize there Nations, And attempt to Explore the vast ocean and hope for the gold mine which is land.

So come join and Be a captain, a crew-member of a player's ship, Or a political figure, or a person in the life of ocean adventure and nation life.
It is up to your imagination.