• This game is under the Frontier/Western & Historical genres.
  • The game system is Boot Hill 3e.
Boot Hill -- Triple J
1867. Bleeding Kansas is just starting to bind up her wounds.

In the wake of the Civil War, three boyhood friends -- Johnny Jakes, who wore blue, Billy Jackson, who wore grey and Zeke Jones, who stayed out of it all -- clasped hands, pooled their resources and started the Triple J Ranch.

This game is set in Southwest Kansas, within spittin' distance of Colorado, The Indian Territory and Texas. It is centers on the ranch. All player characters are tied to the ranch in one way or another. Options include, but are not limited to:

*A family member of one of the three ranch owners (they're all in their mid 40s, so children, cousin, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, sibling, are all possibilities)
*A friend of the ranch owners
*A comrade-in-arms of Jakes or Jackson
*Someone who works at the ranch in any capacity

The game uses the Boot Hill 3e rules. They're fairly simple and I don't require you to be familiar going in. I'm happy to teach-as-we-go.