• This game is under the Fantasy, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 4.
  • This game contains mature content.
4th Edition Eberron: If You Can Make It in Sharn....
This game is for those who want to play in Eberron, or discuss and flesh out some of the implications of the facts of the setting, or both.

Keith Baker and the other Eberron authors have presented a lot of interesting ideas that take some of the basic implications of D&D and take them another step further, resulting in a setting with magical inventors/mad scientists, a race of sentient golems, advanced forms of transportation, magic-based mercantile families, and the like.

The various sourcebooks, novels and articles have expanded further on these ideas. Having not read and absorbed all of these sources, I wouldn't be able to say what has already been explored and explained, but I think the designers and writers have, all along, intended Eberron to be a world for which groups can decide for themselves what things mean. This game is about doing that.

In addition to running adventures, delves and encounters set in Sharn, participants will be invited to collaborate on taking facts about Eberron at face value and then extrapolating a little further, in interesting directions. For instance, the dragonmarked houses are controlled only by their heirs, particularly those with dragonmarks, so what kinds of pressures and policies are in place to get the members to generate more heirs? How have those programs been stepped up as a result of the losses the houses suffered during the Last War? How are the houses compensating in the meantime for their decreased numbers? Without getting into questions and answers that would make this Adult, rather than Mature, there are lots of potential ramifications to explore. Does the Orien conductor have to split his attention between driving the lightning rail, and supervising his nieces and nephews? Is Phiarlann having to resort to sending out spies who are hugely pregnant? Is the Lyrandar skycoach pilot a drunk who the family can no longer afford to simply dismiss and ignore?

So, if you want to explore this kind of thing, both in character and out, please request to join.