• This game is under the Fantasy, Survival & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
  • This game contains adult content.
Pathfinder: Escape from the Deep
You can hear the voices of your smugglers as they click the lock on the heavy ornate chest you are hiding in.  The voice of the elderly white bearded wizard says a few words of power and the air becomes easier to breath in your chest.

"I've cast my special Air Bubble spell on your chest," He wheezes, "And your friends' chests too.  I've also cast a ward spell,  even if someone comes smacking your chests with swords or hammers, they will not fail, my friends."

The smugglers' voices drift over as the party gets used to the salty smell of the sea air drifting into their chests.

The party enjoys the light rocking of their galleon.

The party can hear the sounds of heavy, authoritarian boots stamping around the hold near their chests and the voice of a snobby, bored, aristocrat. He is talking while the party can hear the sound of his quill scratching on parchment.

Time passes and the party begins to feel cramped in their chests and then the party are hit by a sudden thudding and their chests are sent tumbling around the hold.

The party can hear the worried shouts and screams of terror from the smugglers and the sound of something massive smacking the deck.  The sounds of dying screams and breaking timbers fill the party's ears in their pitch black chests.   Soon, the crying comes to a stop and only the sound of water rushing into the hold can be heard along with the sound of it sloshing against the chests.

The party feel something grab their chests and dive downward, causing the members to smack the inside of the lids as they descend in the darkness for what seems like hours, maybe days.

The party awakens sometime later by the tumbling and sloshing of their chests. They are moving fast, very fast through the dark, innumerable turns and corners, stops and tumbles great them along the way through their journey.

The chests lurch one by one, smacking an underwater ramp that sends then flying.  The party can tell the moment they breach the surface of the water and are slung through the air.

The chests smack into solid ground and detonate around the party in an explosion of splinters and wood, leaving the party crumpled but dry.

The party looks around and sees...