• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Final Fantasy RPG based on dnd 5e rules.
New Age
The floating landmasses that soar across the sky, the tainted and barren earth which lies below,and the monsters that surround the land and attack us, all of these are traits that surround my humble town known as Strouse. The land that floats above the ground we have taken to calling "Chunks", seem to be powered by a mysterious substance know as "the Mist", me and my colleagues been researching the chunk we have been living on and have concluded that the land absorbs the mist through powerful spots in the earth known as cells that all seem to be connected towards the center of our landmass. In the center are powerful readings of magic, that lead us to believe that all these cells are connected to a larger cell we have deemed to call the "alpha cell". We have no technology to dig into and reach the inside of our home chunk so we have been developing ships that could fly to other landmasses to see if we could further our research contacting and work with distant civilizations on other chunks. We have primarily worked with many other civilizations by way of pigeon and flags to communicate, but this will be our first venture hand in hand in research. Those fools outside this laboratory can only think of the social, economic, and military benefit this could bring. By further study of these cells we can finally learn who we are, and where we came from, even the knowledge to quell the monster threat and advancement of society itself. Myself and the 7 other researchers that see over this town have decided that we will send a party consisting of scientist, monster hunters, and our town's best strategists leonardo to drive a path through the monsters and connect us to town Reginleif and see if they can obtain more information on their alpha cell, and also this "door" I keep hearing so much about.

- From the diary of the lead researcher Hansen, spring year 212

    Not even our stone houses can protect us, I have posted hunt after hunt to get rid of the damn things, yet they just keep coming, many of the outer farms have been attacked. As the leader of the town hunting guild responsible for town protection, and monster management I the great Leonardo will not stand for this. Tomorrow I shall host a gathering to see which clan can get rid of the most of these vile monsters I have taken to name Rust Fiends. Strange I do find them, all the other monsters that usually find themselves on the chunk of Strouse seem to be specifically birds, wolves, jellies, fish, and your average goblin tribe, they seem to be almost mechanical in nature. I have seen these Rust Fiends fly, swim, even some walking on more then 2 legs. I hate mechanical things, if i can see it bleed, I know I can kill it. During a hunt today for these mechanical Fiends I broke another Bow with my magnificent stretch, going to have to buy a new one. My subordinates say I should buy one of these newfound Gun things, witch make the worst sound when fired, I still prefer my trusty bows.

- From the diary of the Hunting Captain Leonardo, summer year 212

   Today; like any other day; I manage my apothecary I have worked all these years. The large size of the city and many Hunters make my this business my living, selling many balms and polyjuices to people that need them. I have a dream of exploring vast unknown portions of the world to find new materials to use, and soon I think my dream may come to fruition. There's been Talk all around the town that we'v been collaborating with this small town Strouse, to make something that will bridge the gap between our chunks, and help us unlock the secrets of the world! No doubt the king only wants to take this  town over and use it for his benefit. I only hope I can Join these people in exploring the world, but I hope I don'tget caught as the king has held a decree that if you abandon your place in the city it is as a crime, and they say all the criminals in the city who get captured do "hard labor", but I have heard rumors that they actually get sent to a arena of some sorts were they fight who knows what. I'm a little scared to leave the town, but if it means I can finally acomplish my dream then so be it, I would rather die then not taking a single step outside the world, there could be so many possibilities, lost civilizations to find, new materials to make potions, New monsters to see, new people to meet, and maybe even these new machines that are starting to be invented that run on our mist. The only thing that pains me to leave is Maria, I don't know what I would do without that beautiful tailoress across the way, perhaps I will ask her to run away with me, but I cant be to sure of the dangers that lie outside our chunk. I think I'll will announcee my undying love for her, and ask her to wait for my return from the ends of the world. I would bring her back to a magnificent place of my discoveries there we will live out our days as the incandescent Maria and the man who charted the world! I will make this dream come true no matter the cost, wait for me Maria!

- from the diary of Enco the apothecary owner, Reginleif, age 22, winter year 211

Lately my engineers have been whiny brats, "WeRe aRe The Tools?" "How do I put this in here?", idiots. Apparently i'm the only one besides the elders who can figure out how to build a Mist-Power converter for the engine were gonna use to get to the next chunk. As soon as I finish building the engine, my engineers can strap my specialty sails that absorb mist, put that engine on there, and we should be able to ship a small crew of 10 people and some supplies, I call this plan the "Linsieta ship I birthing plan". Hansen said to call it the chunk to chunk transport plan, but screw that guy. I will name my beautiful ship the Linsieta I, I cant wait till I can see her soaringg across the sky with my beautiful machines, sails, and fine maple exterior!

- Dairy of Head engineer of strouse, Bagandel, age 55, spring year 212

During my studies of species differentiation I have made some remarkable studies using just my telescope. Different monsters usually reside near different chunks, just as different animals will live in different biomes. I have seen that flying monsters will live on chunks that are near or close to one another, while non flying monsters rarely almost never exist on another chunk outside their own. For example the drakes I observe happen to live on nearly 1/2 all the chunks I have observed while wolves might exist on my home chunk, the nearest one over they do not exist, but just as well each chunk as its own ecosystem with all different plants, animals, monsters, temperature. If only I could travel to other chunks, then further research could be done, yet I'm trapped here on this small lonely Island I call home. If only someone could come and rescue me from this torment of boredom.

- Dairy of the lonely aberration biologist Teco, age ??? year 167

    Another day another drink he always says, I swear Doran never thinks about anything, just last week he couldn't stop fights from breaking out in our pub, they broke 1/2 our furniture in the brawl. You would think that 45 year old man would learn something about responsibility, your job is not just serving drinks dear, you manage the pub too. As I'm responsible for the finances I cant just overlook something like this, so I created a job board. The hunting guild has their ount hunt board, but our job board has smaller things on it, like how old lady Jasmine posted a request for helping pick this seasons apples, the way it works is people post jobs here and we receive a small commision for when its done, that should cover future cost of repairs.

- Dairy of Strouse pub owner Jantisa, age 39, wife of Doran the Barkeep age 43, fall, year 201

    Another fascinating discovery today, in the northern digsite ruins we have unearthed another room dating back ages, yet the walls and ceilings show no sign of degradation. The room we uncovered was just like the other room we have unearthed containing nothing but a strange glowing panel. We did however find an jar of what seems to be chemicals inside an unbreakable piece of glass on a pedestal we could not remove it from. We have waited to open it until fellow artificers can see that it is safe. A little while after this discovery small machine like monsters have started to come out of the ruins, the hunter team we have had on standby had made short work of these strange rusty creatures. I have also tried to study these but after they die, they seem to turn into completely rust pieces and fall to the ground. Its strange, the more we seem to uncover about these strange ruins, the more questions that seem to come up. Luckily the town next chunk over Strouse has almost completed a way to move chunk to chunk, I can't wait until I can meet more of my fellow researcher, they should help me hasten my work here. I'm just glad our king has just as much interest as I do in finding out the secret behind these ruins, without his funding I would have been out here all by myself probably still digging a hole in the ground.

- journal of Kria Reginleif Archaeologist age 33, spring year 212

Tried to fly over to another chunk today, with the same result i tried when i teleported past it, the mist interfered and my magic exploded within my hands, yet this time my wings had exploded. Is there anyway to get past this thicc mist? It seems one would need a miracle to explore other chunks, I just wish I could get off this island and explore, being stuck here just bores me.

-Dairy of Henreold Expert mage practitioner