• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is 13th Age.
The Orc Lord's War
The 13th age is coming to an end. For months, now the Archmage's seers have been predicting that another momentous change is at hand. For their part, they see the rise of Chaos Magic as the change that will bring about the new age.

Unfortunately, the Archmage isn't the only one seeing upheaval everywhere he looks. In the streets of Drakkenhall, men and monsters bearing the standard of Red and Black and Blue clash with one another. In far Santa Cora, rumors abound that the Priestess has finally found success with her meditations, and summoned to the Empire an Avatar of gods long gone silent to mere mortals.

And in the south. Far in the south, where even the High Druid's forests turn to swamps and marshland, the ground echoes with the cataclysmic pounding of the feet of armies of orcs. The Orc Lord is on the march once more and he seeks to end the 13th Age in fire and blood.

When the end comes, where will you be?