• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed.
The Beast of Boggevrieg
Shortly before the climactic events of the Witcher School in March, a messenger arrives at the castle bearing a single, folded piece of parchment. On the inside, a seemingly normal contract-

An appeal to all huntsmen, mercenaries or Witcherfolk seeking employment:

The barony of Boggevrieg is beset by a beast unlike any other, harassing trade convoys and villages alike, slaughtering all who encounter it. In this time of civil unrest and outright conflict, his Highness King Geddes has been unable to spare the manpower from the Temerian Royal Army to send aid, and I find myself forced to turn to other avenues to find a solution to my predicament.

A skilled monster hunter, or band of suchlike, is required to put an end to the creature and bring its head to be mounted upon my wall! The coin is good, and I can offer you supplies for the duration of your time in Boggevrieg, as well as a favourable word in the right ears at the noble courts should you succeed.

Should you choose to take up this contract, you will find me in the tavern known as the Alchemist's Folly, in the central square of the village of Boggevrieg.


Baron Lancel Vrayce

On the reverse side, you find the following message, scrawled in a hurry-

Contract more complicated than first anticipated. Many lives at risk. send help immediately.


At the behest of the Masters, a small team of Witchers is assembled and sent to investigate, looking for the answers to several questions. What is the Beast? Why is it attacking the local villages? And where is Frederick of Asheberg?