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The Drow War - A 4e Dnd Saga
Greetings, this game is setup to be a long running campaign saga.  I have every intention of seeing it through and I expect the first book to take all the way to the end of the year with a steady posting rate.  The second book will probably fill up the following year and run even longer given the nature of higher level games progressing a bit more slowly in a pbp format.  With that rough framework in mind, this is expected to be a 2 - 2.5 year endeavor.

The premise for the saga itself is well established.  I will be using Books I and II of the The Drow War Saga written by Adrian Bott and published by Mongoose Gaming in 2005.  It was distributed under an Open Game License and a D20 license but not specifically written for DnD 4th edition.  I have converted much of the material for use with 4th edition and have actually game tested the initial chapters in a pbp format previously and it crossed over well.

There are also actually 3 books but I only have the 1st 2.  Given the length of time I am projecting this to take, I am certain that should this game go very well I will be able to acquire the third book again somewhere along the way.  Using it however would certainly extend this to a 3-4 year endeavor.  So something to keep in mind.