• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Holy Lands RPG.
Holy Lands RPOL Group 1
Holy Lands RPG is a Christian role playing game set in an alternate medieval timeline.  In this timeline, the Holy Spirit (shortly after the ascension of Christ) bestowed upon man the gifts of supernatural powers, and with these powers man has been able to fight the onslaught of the Evil One as he has attempted to take over the world.  For the most part, mankind is still a fallen race.  Most of the world has never heard of Christ and his sacrifice, they do not believe in magic or miracles.  Man continues as he did in real life history, blindly following his own path and quietly (and not so quietly sometimes) heading for destruction.  But into this chaos, comes the heroes.  That is you.  Be you a Fighter with armor and weapon, a Saint with powerful miracles, a stealthy Spy with skills to infiltrate the enemy or a lone Devil Hunter, taking the fight to the enemy with a vengeance, you are God's chosen weapon here on Earth.
The enemy is vile and retched, but also smart and cunning, he plans, he schemes, he works in ways that the common man sees as for their own good, and always these helping hands lead to disaster.
Your job is to thwart this evil, to stem the tide that drags humanity down.  You may die (matter of fact more than likely you will die a gruesome death), but you are doing the Lord's work.  The trick is to not get lost along the way.
Remember....The end, does not justify the means.