• This game has been marked for deletion.
5th Dantek Infantry 'The Raiders'
In the grim dark future of the 41st millennium there is Only War. For the vast swathes of the Imperium of Man that war is carried out by the vastly outclassed men and women of the Imperial Guard

You are a proud veteran soldier of the 5th Dantek Infantry, The Raiders. Trained in ship board combat and tunnel fighting to defend their asteroid belt home from pirates. Regiments drawn from the ranks of Dantek's specialized PDF units are highly prized by the Lord Captains of the Imperial Navy and are typically kept in reserve to protect the vessels of the fleet or are deployed to neutralize valuable orbital assets that have fallen into enemy hands without destroying them outright.

But good work never goes unpunished in the Imperium. On paper Dantek regiments look as if they never leave their transports and yet still consume significant amounts of resources in the way of ammunition, fuel, and demolition equipment. The regiments are no stranger to constant inquiries by Munitorum flunkies and other Imperial bean counters.

Now on their way to quell the rebellion of a rogue Planetary Governor along with forces of the Mechanicum and other Imperial assets what fate will befall your squad in their most recent campaign.