• This game has been marked for deletion.
Fire and Stone (Stone Age with a twist)
First and foremost, this is a game of the Stone Age. We begin in the very late Mesolithic with one group of humans on the edge of great discoveries and another who will never advance past where they are now. The interactions within their peoples and between each other will drive the game.

Now, for the fantasy part. These two peoples exist in a parallel universe, separate from this universe but similar. The main difference is that these Neanderthals and more modern humans are stuck in the late Pleistocene. Whatever astronomical and earthly dramatics that occurred to end the Pleistocene and usher in the Holocene on our Earth have not happened.

Another twist: On our Earth (E1), there are cracks in the space/time continuum. Sometimes, if a person or animal is in the right place at the right time, they can slip through the cracks to the parallel Earth (E2). Our two peoples know this happens and have accepted it in their own ways. Another, smaller, part of our story will deal with those "Strangers" and how they deal with their new environment and the knowledge that there is no reliable way for them to get back home.