• This game is under the Horror, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dark Heresy.
  • This game contains mature content.
Welcome to Gozlu
Only some months ago you were contacted by someone. Someone who's kind you thought you would never deal with. An Inquisitor. At first it felt surreal, why would anyone from Inquisition take interest in you, let alone send what seemed like a clear job offer. Soon it came clear that it wasn't a joke either, the invitation was verified from all the sources you had checked out. Declining an job offer like this might not be the greatest idea either... There could be ulterior motives behind it.
Not having the luxury to dwell on it for too long, you accepted the invitation in two weeks time. The invitation had instructed you to board a shuttle at the local starport which would take you to frigate called Praesto Cassis. The ship was an Escort-class spaceship designed for transporting troops, and while you had to share quarters with some of the crew, travelling went without any hitches. You didn't know exactly where you were heading, but it was far away enough so that a warp-capable ship was required. The contact person at the ship, who was mostly responsible for making sure that you knew where you are and are not allowed to go, had said that the Inquisitor in question goes by the name of Thorth.

At one morning you were pulled out of your deep sleep by your contact. He said that you had arrived and that you should pack your things and go to the shuttle.
Still having no idea of where  you had ended up, you sat down on a shuttle bench. Your company definitely didn't look like part of the crew you had been travelling with, none of their faces were familiar to you.
"Landing down, keep your belts on." Said the intercom. The shuttle thudded slightly and soon after the pilot said that you could get off. All of you set a foot in the hangar and quickly headed out towards the exit. At there, sitting in his booth, a man greeted you.
"Welcome to Gözlu, here's your gas masks."