• This game has been marked for deletion.
Rude Awakening
You wake up in a strange pod with no memory of how you got there. Or of anything else really. Unfortunately, the world you woke up in is not a safe or pretty one. You have emerged into a world of abandoned facilities, mad automatons, and strange monsters. As you explore your new environs, you must find ways to adapt, grow, and survive. You will face many perils, many struggles, many trials. But perhaps you can find answers to the questions that assault you.

Who are you? What is this place? And most important of all...

What in the world happened?

Rude Awakening is a game that hearkens back to classics of science fiction gaming, in particular immersive simulation games like System Shock, Bioshock, or Prey. Players will take the role of amnesiacs looking to survive and figure out what happened in a mysterious abandoned facility. The game will be run in the Savage Worlds system, although other options can be considered if necessary. Players will deal with dangers, interact with NPCs who have survived on the station, and uncover the mystery of what has happened.

Come join up on the ground floor of this new and exciting experience!