• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
  • This game contains adult content.
The City of Dark Weavings
The City of Dark Weavings, Sshamath is a drow campaign based on Forgotten Realms.

The city is not ruled by drow loyal to Lolth.

This is a dark themed campaign and by this it should be understood as such. While I will not accept mindless bloodshedding or torture there definitely will be situations like this where it is not "mindless".

Playing in this campaign requires strong imagination and roleplay skills.
This is NOT a dungeon crawl.

Request to join rules:

1: In order to accept anyone as a player, I require that the following statement is the very first line in your Request to Join.

I, <username>, am <age> years old born on <month>, <year>. it is legal for me to view adult materials in my place of residence.

Without this statement I cannot accept you, I'd be breaking RPOL's code of conduct, so please do not forget.

2: I'm going to open the game for applications until Friday 8-25-2017, then pick the finest among them on the weekend and get the players into the game and character sheets in order. I want to give people time to think about their character, and really work on it. I will NOT shorten the application timeframe if I get a lot of good applications early on.

3: From the best of the applications I'm going to pick a number of players I feel comfortable with.

4: I want a character concept/background in your request to join, you 'may' include a full character sheet but that's not what matters to me. If you include a character sheet I certainly won't hold it against you, but it won't score you bonus points either.

5: As a GM I have an average posting rate of four per week. I'd like my players to have at least the same posting rate. I like it when things move along pretty smoothly, and I dislike to wait for a player who can only post once or twice a week.

6: This is not a sex game, I choose to use the adult rating for my game because I'm considering some horror/gore/torture elements to my story, as well as brief nudity. There won't be anything hardcore in public threads. If two player characters become intimate and they want to add more detail to that in private messages, I'll allow that providing that it doesn't hinder or slow down the rest of the game in any way.

7: Sshamath is a Wizard loyal city.

8: I will not allow any Drizzt_488. If you play a male then act at least very slightly submissive or expect to be enslaved or even killed.

9: If you play a female then play confident and dominant or expect to be disrespected or even enslaved by your own house unless you have real good reasons or background to explain the exception.

The game system:

1: D&D 3.5 Ruleset

2: Characters will be made using a 30 point buy, using the system explained in the core book (Same as D&D 3rd edition). Characters will start at 5th level. With max HP at each level.

3: Characters will start with gear appropriate to their background.

4: I am an open person and easy going when it comes to backgrounds and story archs. The more background you bring into the game the more I will weave into the game.