• This game is under the Fantasy, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Legend of the Five Rings.
The third an final explosion rocked the Imperial Court, fragments of stone littering the courtyard below. Otomo Gizaki watched with an impenetrable ON as more guards swarmed the area. It was too late. The imperial family was dead, and he doubted anyone would find the assassins. His fan clicked shut, snapping the young Miya beside him out of her trance. "Go, ensure the hidden guard are present at the gates to maintain order. I have a feeling this will not be the only bloodshed this day."

Bayushi Taoro mopped sweat from his face as he shouted for his wife. The heat from the fire was intense, the light blinding. Outside the sound of steel upon steel rang out. The Lion clan champion had branded the scorpion traitors and assassins, even though their own champion, Bayushi Ueki, had been caught in the blasts that had ended the Iweko line. There, across the hall, his wife lay. A pool of blood had soaked her kimono, and the Lion standing near her showed no emotion as he wiped his blade clean. Emotion took over, and Taoro let loose a bestial cry as he flung himself, unarmed, at his wife's killer.

Yoritomo Kakede smiled and counted the coins in his hand. "Forty koku, for forty lives. Not a bad deal, kakita-san." The kakita's face remained as impassive as ever. "Not any lives, granted, but the tsuruchi arrows fly true. Come the eve of the battle, the Unicorn will be left without commanders. I look forward to seeing you again crane, and releiving you of the burden of wealth."

Mirumoto Ju frowned at the maps below him. Three passes, all into phoenix lands. Unguarded. There was no honour in winning land held by peasants and magistrates. But it mattered not. The time of the Dragon starving in their mountains was over. The phoenix would be reminded that they were not the only clan to wield the fire.

Hida Akatashi stared out at the black horde that had gathered a mere days walk from the wall. Hundreds of thousands of undead, goblins, and worse had set up camp. And waited. For three weeks this army of the damned had watched the wall, and done nothing. The attack must be soon, and when it comes, the Crab would be ready.