• This game is under the Fantasy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder (Mythic Adventures).
  • This game contains adult content.
Guardians of Solace
The World of Aerani is a rich, vibrant world created by a benevolent deity known to the denizens of the world only as “The Goddess.”  The Goddess created the world as a place of goodness and light, giving life to the wonders of nature and creating the peoples of Aerani to rejoice in its splendor.  But the Dark One was not pleased.

The Dark One created the monsters, imbued them with a portion of his dark, sinister power, and turned them loose upon the beauty of The Goddess’s creation.  Monsters known as Grimm roamed across the young world, terrorizing the inhabitants of the world and destroying all they held dear.

The Goddess saw the heartache and despair of her people, and knew she had to protect the people of her new world, so she gathered the bravest and most skilled warriors from all the nations of the world.  She taught them the virtues of truth, justice, charity, and valor, and she gave them the power of the Huntsmen.

Today, Solace Academy carries on the Goddess’s work.  The most promising young warriors from across Aerani are gathered together to train in the ways of combat and the virtues of the Goddess, learning not only how to unlock their potential, but how to work as a team.  Upon graduation, the students formally join the legendary ranks of the Huntsmen.  The Huntsmen roam the world, acting as the sole defense against the Creatures of Grimm that have plagued the world since time immemorial.