• This game is under the Apocalyptic, Superhuman & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition (Revised).
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Heroes Unlimited - Ravaged Earth
The World has been ravaged by nuclear war.  The Republic of North Korea and the United States of America had been in a decade diplomatic stalemate since the North Korea had developed Nuclear capabilities.  In july of 2018, the entrepreneur turned president of the united states Donald Trump ordered the deployment of Navy seals aboard a cutting edge top secret submarine.  But something went wrong and somehow the Koreans were alerted to the top secret operation.  The submarine was destroyed off the coast of Japan.  The Koreans responded by launching a series of nuclear warheads at key American interests in the region.  South Korea, the military installation at Guam and the American fleet that was at Sea in the China sea.  Trumpís response was decisive and he announced that he was going to destroy this rogue state once and for all. He held a public referendum as to weather he should nuke North Korea or not. The overwhelming answer was yes by 75%.

 During this show put on by the president as a way to pass off the guilt to the American people, China and Russia both condemned a Nuclear strike by the U.S.  They insisted that they would prefer to deal with North Korea in a joint effort, but to avoid Nuclear war.

 Trump didn`t listen.  He launched 5 consecutive nuclear attacks at North Korea.  When he did that, Iran and China officially declared war on the U.S.  They utterly destroyed Korea but not only that they destroyed a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons.  The aftermath of the catastrophic detonation even reached into Chinese territory and sunk two major costal cities into the ocean.

  Some middle Eastern country, thought to be Iran launched a Nuclear attack at Isreal but it was shot down. Israel responded with a counter strike, obliterating Iran and turning the whole country into a toxic desert wasteland.  The French and the English condemned the attack and sent in forces to help in relief, but was met by a hostile Israeli invasion force.  Isreal took the opportunity to seize Iraq.  Nuclear radiation also poisoned the environment in Iraq.  England declared war on Israel.  The US condemned Isreali occupation of Iraq and the middle east.  They tried to diplomatically disuade England from entering the conflict.

  Then in a joint nuclear attack triggered, with Pakistan, India, Russia and China all delivered a surprise nuclear attack on the Eastern seaboard of the US, LA California and Seattle Washington.  A top secret Russian Submarine slams into New York Harbor and obliterates the city simultaneously in the attack.  Washington DC was attacked by 10 different nuclear attacks from different directions.  They were able to shoot down some over the ocean, but the whole eastern seaboard was hit in various spots.  New York and Washington State were utterly destroyed.  Part of California has sunken under water.

  Many different factions formed and many American`s fled to Canada.  Many superheroes were killed as well in the destruction. Some of the escaped of course.

 So now a lot of the land is lawless urban ruins.  The nuclear radiation had varying effects on the population from triggered DNA mutations to horrible disfigurements.  Worst of all the affected areas all became taken over by criminal organizations, one of them the Brotherhood of Mutants.  Isis had invaded the  US through New England, but were mostly thwarted by an unknown super hero or heroes.

  The players are to make super hero characters to fit in this apocalyptic world.  Some of the world is somewhat the same. But many famous areas of the States have been destroyed and lay in ruins.  You belong to band of good mutants or heroes in Canada who have answered the call from an online personality known as `Ghost`.` She assembles a team of extraordinary heroes to help take back control of North America from the grips of Chaos.  You can be a refugee hero from the States who has moved North to get away from nuclear fallout.  Or you can be a native of any country or area ( Or planet) but you find your way to Northern Ontario.

 Character Creation: upon approval of a concept and you are accepted to the game, you roll your stats in order.  You may switch ONE attribute with another.  You may choose your Power Catagory and powers, sticking with the guidelines of the random charts.  Instead of rolling randomly you just choose one.