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22:45, 27th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Guild Adventures

Here ye, Here ye! Let it be known that the Neverwinter Animal Control service is hiring!! All Applicants Welcome for this unique and honored service! No Prior Experience required, On the Job Training available! Due to recent high turnover all new applicants are being offered Competitive Pay, Retirement Plan, Health Insurance, and opportunities for rapid advancement!! Please report to the main office across the street from the Hall of Justice any time! Open 24hrs!

That is the notice posted up and cried on a few of the street corners of the bustling city of Neverwinter.  Hopefully at least some down on their luck, option restricted, and possibly mental deficient folks will think it a great career choice....

This is a tongue in cheek game set in Neverwinter. The heroes will be given missions to take care of various pest and creature related shenanigans around the city....This may sound like a silly and easy thing to do with your life as a PC....but this is a world of magic and fantasy.  That Cockroach infestation down at the vegetable market may just have started in the unlicensed wizard lab in the basement of the warehouse next door. The kitten stuck in the tree...may not really feel like coming down...and also may be a lion instead of a house cat.

Expect things to take comical and bewildering twists when you approach them.