• This game is under the Supernatural & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Weapons of the Gods.
  • This game contains adult content.
Regent's University
This presentation is part of the introductory presentation given to the new player students

The Regent's University is located in the heart of London. It has over 3,000 students, with a 14:1 faculty/student ratio. Students include Royalty, Nobility, Children of the Ultra Rich, and ... yourselves.

A month ago the invitation came through the post. At first you thought it was spam. "You are a 'unique individual who has won the prize of ..." At this point you nearly through the spam in the trashcan, but for some reason you kept reading. Perhaps it was the first class air ticket and the cheque for ten thousand dollars. Which you have now cashed.

Apparantly you have won an all expenses paid four year University Degree at one of the best private Universities in the world. Worth well over two hundred thousand dollars, with no strings attached, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Well ... no strings attached ... there is one string attached. You have to attend a two hours a week course for the first term

This is set in 'today's world' as far as you know. Half the people  believe in astrology and ghosts, but no one has actually seen a werewolf or a vampire.

Just be aware that this is a supernatural game as well as a social game. There is a story, there is likely to be violence and action, there might be intrigue and plotting. I also hope there is romance and character building and shopping and lessons and all the other things that makes school games fun. I am not planning on making this a 'dark game', and while there is a chance for character death I won't be doing unpleasant things to your character.

The characters are beginning as normal people. I want to RP through the gaining of supernatural abilities and the realisation that there is a supernatural world out there. Supernatural powers won't be assigned randomly: the players will have control over what abilities they acquire.

I want to explain the genre I'm making here.

This isn't a game like 'super hero with defined powers goes to school'. It's much more Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. By this I mean when you go to school you know nothing about the Magical World and have to learn it. I've played in many super hero school games (and loved them) but in none of them have I had that experience. Like the Harry Potter books, we aren't going to get to be the NEWT equivalent Wizard in the first series, and are going to be opposing people with those abilities.

Unfortunately this genre means you aren't starting as a 'super hero' with defined powers. It means that you are going to start as a minion and then aquire abilities, and those abilities (to start with) are those that are on the curiculum. Once we've mastered these abilities, then we can start doing off curiculum activies. If you have a vision of a set of powers that you want, as long as it's 'in genre' (pretty much: are there Gods, Heroes or Villains from real world mythology who could do it) it's good. That should direct your studies as there are obviously a lot of options at every decision point.

All the powers on the curiculum are from real world mythology. We're more used to games like M&M where you can have anything you imagine. This is more constrained. If you want something go find a mythological figure who can do it.