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[cWOD] La Cosa Morta Nostra
It's the roaring 20's and while Prohibition is in full gear it doesn't seem to be making a dent in the flow of alcohol. Instead powerful gangs are realizing that nearly limitless money can be made from speakeasies and bootlegging and while many outfits rise up, only one can be crowned the king of the underworld.

In Boston, a three-way fight seems to be brewing between the Messina, Giovanni, and the upstart Killigan syndicates.

Recently the Messina ambushed a big Killigan meet and almost the entire gang was gunned down. Now on their last legs, the Killigans are scouring the city for new recruits to bring into their fold.

Players will become involved in a Boston mafia as they try to carve out power in 1920's Boston. Players will start out as mortals but as they progress and prove their worth they might be promoted to ghouls or even become Made Men of the night. PCs will be recruited into the Killigans and thus be drawn into the burgeoning mob war brewing  as a proxy fight between supernatural forces.