• This game is under the Fantasy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
  • This game contains mature content.
[DnD 5E] Treasure of the Broken Hoard
As the Cult of the Dragonís plan to summon Tiamat to this world unraveled, members of the Cult hid its amassed wealth in caches throughout the Sword
Coast, hoping to keep it safe until they needed it again. The Greypeak Mountains, near the village of Parnast, was a hotbed of Cult of the Dragon activity, and a few caches were secured there.

A famed treasure hunter named Veradda Stoor learned the location of five of these caches, and she sought adventurers to join her in searching for the treasure. Unfortunately for Veradda, others sought the treasure as well - and those others are no ordinary adventurers...