• This game is under the Apocalyptic & Survival genres.
  • The game system is Twilight 2000 V2.2.
  • This game contains mature content.
Into the Howling Wilderness
It's February of 2001. The winter so far has been extremely cold, but not particularly wet except the high country. You have been recalled from Alaska, Texas and Oklahoma to Colorado Springs due to combat losses in your respective units, and formed into an ad hoc fast reaction force. You have been placed by the high ups in the Army Special Forces, the vaunted Green Beret's, or what is left of them as there is still a command and support structure existing for such units. You are officially part of the 19th Special Forces Group, and are one of three units that make up the unit.

Colorado Springs is rigid and ordered, due to NORAD being the unofficial capital of the military government. The streets for the most part are clean, they have set up a perimeter and are keeping refugees out, moving them to camps to the south and east. The city is unusual for the time as it still has electricity. Sure, there are rolling blackouts, but there is a local TV station, and people have coolers full of ice to keep their leftovers fresh. There was significant damage to the city from the Soviet attack on Cheyenne Mountain, but MILGOV has done well in making the effort to rebuild here. There is a salvage effort along the roads North and East as they attempt to strengthen their position in the area. Up an down I25 swarms of teams of citizen workers who are paid in food work under the supervision of what is left of the US Army Corp of Engineers. There never seems like enough food to keep you full, but enough to keep you going.

C-Springs is the exception, a rock in a storm. Marauders, raiders, refugees have been swarming from the south in droves, as something seems to have tipped the balance in Mexico's favor, and the locals are fleeing. Denver to the North is in a state of paralysis that can be directly attributed to the actions of one man. A supposedly dead man that was responsible for the terrorist bombing of Buckley Air Force Base back in '99. The rest of the state is still struggling to make the smaller crops last through the winter. Oklahoma, Montana, and Wyoming are reaching their breaking points from outside stress. For every accomplishment in places like C-Springs, there are dozens of small towns dying around it.

America is in desperate need of help. The Joint Chiefs seem to be the only game in town here, and they are putting the fate of so many in your hands. Will you be able to stand up to the task?