• This game is under the Apocalyptic, Survival & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Homebrew D20.
  • This game contains adult content.
RESURRECTION: Downfall of Man
Ssgt. Kyle Fowler felt a bead of sweat form at his hairline before slowly trickling down his brow only to drip onto the hot concrete like the dozen or so before had. The heat of the southern Louisiana summer combined with the humidity felt like a sauna. The thick air had a faint odor of mildew and marsh mud. He smiled faintly. This was home. The swamps, the bugs, the alligators, the heat, and hopefully the bourbon.

  Movement! There!

  He quickly adjusted himself bringing the rifle to bear on the area. Squinting through the scope he was able to make out a pair of sneakers wriggling under a truck in the riverwalk parking lot.

  He wondered briefly what they could be searching for. It didn't matter he guessed. It was the first person he had seen in over a week. He would have to introduce himself!

  Just as he was going to hoist himself to his feet he spotted more movement. Again he adjusted. A shambler. Dangerously close to the newcomer. He tried to get a clear shot on the infected but it was mostly shielded by the truck. Fowler swore under his breath. Maybe a warning shot would scare the shambler away.

  Measuring his breath he brought his crosshairs to bear on the truck near the shamblers head and caressed the trigger. The rifle bucked as the shot rang out. As the retical stabilized he could see where the bullet had impacted near the infected mans head. To his horror he saw the shambler begin to frenzy. Through his scope he could only watch as a young woman scurried from under the truck just as the infected man set upon her. The pair thrashed wildly for a few moments before he heard a gunshot. Then another.

  He hoped the young woman was ok. Maybe she had been able to kill the man before she had been infected, but the fresh blood and her limp as she hurried away have lie to his hope. There was nothing he could do... "Im sorry..." he whispered as again he squeezed the trigger...