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16:43, 23rd April 2024 (GMT+0)

WFRP 2e ~ Wolves to Men

Homo homini lupus est.
 - Ulrican proverb

A terrible champion known as Archaon, Lord of the End Times, mustered an army the likes of which had not been seen since the Great War Against Chaos two centuries ago, and struck hard and fast toward the heart of the Empire. Hell-bent on the destruction of all that the Empire stood for, he marched for the city of Middenheim, the greatest bastion of the Old World.

So great was this threat that Emperor Karl-Franz I convened a meeting of the rulers of the Empire in what would become known as the Conclave of Light. There, he forged a grand alliance with the powers of Law to oppose the Chaotic onslaught and thwart Archaon's plans of annihilation.

Armies were levied and soldiers mustered. Sons and daughters across the Empire left their farms to answer their liege's call to arms. Common folk trudged in the wake of mailed knights and resplendent nobles, witnessing the devastation wreaked by the rampaging hordes from the North. Day after day their dread escalated, knowing that every step they took brought them closer to an encounter with a twisted, blood-soaked minion of Chaos.

And then, one day, the armies were called to a halt. Word spread throughout the ranks, mixed with rumor and hearsay, claiming that the war was over. At last, from their colorful tents, the captains sent out their heralds to inform the levies that the Storm of Chaos had broken, and the Lord of the End Times was defeated. Their duty to their lords fulfilled, they were now free to return home. Their noble masters rode off to their sanctuaries, leaving them confused, in disarray, steeped in mud, suffering from sickness, and lost in a province few of them had ever seen before...