• This game is under the Fantasy & Superhuman genres.
  • The game system is UniSystem.
Guarda Real (Superfan Redux)
Fifty years ago, in the 122th year of the New Age, the wizard Eniharmon approached Baron Nestor, ruler of Arlen, one of the many baronies that dotted the plains south of the Grey Mountains and north of the Blue sea. The wizened old man filled the baronís head with tales of the supernaturals, humans born with magical abilities more powerful than simple spells. So while Nestor ramped up his military investments, Eniharmon traveled the land recruiting these supernaturals.

Ten years later, Arlen launches an attack on the neighboring barony of Gilstran. While the massive arlenid army engages the gilstranite forces, the Royal Guard, a group composed solely of supernaturals, decimates the elite corps of knights protecting Gilstranís nobles and forces their capitulation. Nestor moves on to other domains, always with his cadre of mystically-powered agents providing the decisive factor in most of the engagements.

The only barony that Nestor gets without a fight is Raven Moors, where Baron Ethan, already knowing what the Royal Guard had accomplished elsewhere, surrenders in exchange for keeping his seat as ruler. After less than one year, Arlen has conquered all of the nearby baronies, uniting them in the new nation of Aldorin.

Today, Aldorin has consolidated its powers over most of the land. Its only rival, politically and economically, is the coastal trading city of Portia. The Royal Guard remains strong, now more than ever a symbol of the nationís supremacy, even though Portia has managed to acquire its own team of supernaturals. However, there are more pressing matters now: tensions are high with the elves of Argost and there are rumors that Atzo the Necromancer moves again in the Great Swamp. And unknown to all, a far sinister plan is afootÖ