• This game has been marked for deletion.
Night City Noir
The future has imploded into the present
With no nuclear war, the new battlefields are people's minds and souls
Mega-corporations are the new governments
Computer generated info domains are the new frontiers
Though, there is better living between science and chemistry
We are all becoming slavebots

The computer is the new cool tool
Though we say, "All information shall be free," it is not
Information is power and currency of the virtual world we inhabit
So we mustn't trust authority

Cyberpunks are the true rebels
Cyber-culture is coming in under the radar
An unordinary society, an unholy alliance with the tech world, and a world of organized descent

Welcome to the Cyber Corporation, Cyberpunks

Billy Idol, Cyberpunk - Intro

The denizens of Night City live in the shadows of the corporations that now run the world. Most are base wage slaves, living in cramped conditions and paycheck to paycheck. Many turn to alternative methods to pay the rent and put food on the table. Crime often pays better than the corporations, and desperate times call for desperate measures.