• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2ed.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Rogue Harbor: Adventures

     The rotund bartender set down an old clay mug and picked up another one, using a less-than-clean rag to wipe out any noticeable grime. He looked over at the only table with customers.

     “I’ll take two,” the scarred man grunted and slapped cards onto the table face down, a grimace of distaste twisting his expression.

     The other grizzled sailor replied with what may have been a smile, “It’ll take more’n that to put me out.”

     Wonder who owes who the most money after all these seasons? the bartender thought.  The doors swung open on creaking hinges, interrupting his idle musings.  A tall, lean man dressed in black stepped into the tavern and looked about, his eyes shaded by the brim of his hat. The two veteran seamen scarcely took notice before turning their focus back to their cards.

     I swear they’re all the same, ain’t they? the bartender thought. Dressed up in dark clothes, looking to make a big impression. Like that pretty little elf with the ebony choker…whatever happened to her anyway? He risked another glance at the stranger.  Careful now, it’s the second look that calls a fight, just want to see if-

     Despite the eyes hidden by a hat, the bartender felt the full weight of the stranger’s gaze. After a moment the man moved towards the counter, making the bartender’s heart skip a beat.  He sat down on a stool and let out a slow breath. With one smooth movement born of repetition the man in black took off his hat, wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, and then placed the hat back onto his head.

     For one frozen moment the bartender saw the man’s eyes, ice-blue and without remorse. He found himself suddenly talking to the stranger while filling a mug with unwatered ale from its hiding place under the counter.

      “You here looking for someone? Just askin’, meant nothin' by it. Maybe I can help, eh?”

     The man took a long, slow pull from the chipped mug, his eyes protected again by the shadow of his hat.

     “If’n it’s that fellow who screwed over his brother, I heard about that,” the bartender offered, but the stranger didn’t take the bait. “Yep, screwed ‘em real good, three ways in fact.”

     If the tall man was listening, he didn’t show it. The bartender continued with his story while cleaning the counter, hoping his hands didn’t betray him by shaking too much.

     “That backstabber robbed his own brother’s home. And didn’t stop there, oh no, he framed the poor sod for murder, too. And then he ups and runs away with the wife! Don’t that beat all, now? Coward, makes me mad, it does.”

     The bartender waited, but the dark-clad man remained silent.  He don’t seem too interested in gossip…can’t say he seems like the type to just stop in for a quick drink though, neither. Gods. The bartender shook his head, reaching down to pick up another dish.

     When the blade first slid across his neck it felt like a sharp pinch.  The bartender jerked up his head, sending drops of blood sailing through the air. He felt a cry falter and become a wet gurgle as he slumped to the floor.  The tall stranger stood over the bartender’s body, his gaze swallowed by the brim of his hat.  The two old sailors near the door sat staring at their cards, pretending to be oblivious to the foul deed just committed.

     After a few tense moments bells began to ring and soon a score of city guards flooded the tavern.  The killer didn’t struggle as they shackled him and dragged him outside.  A gathering crowd watched him hurried away up the street.

     The bald man shook his head.  “Never seen a bounty hunter kill his target on purpose…let alone just wait around for the guard to come and drag his arse to jail. Maybe knows ‘bout that loose stone near the waste hole,” he chuckled while laying down a card.

     “Or he already paid the right bribes, name was cleared ‘fore it was even sullied,” the grizzled sailor put his winning hand onto the table and grinned. “’Sides, that wasn’t no bounty hunter. Was an assassin, that was.”

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