• This game has been marked for deletion.
[Advanced Fighting Fantasy] The Gates of Hellwinter
You are trusted knights and followers of the noble and valiant Sir Bedivere Grayson, Baron of Tyntern.
He asked you to urgently deliver a missive to the northernmost outpost of his fief: a solitary stone tower on the top of a rocky peak always burdened by fierce icy winds, called the Tower of Hellwinter, after the ancient name of that small and secluded mountain region. The tower, however, enjoys an excellent view of the borders between Graysonís Barony and the lands of his treacherous cousin: the Duke Mornay.
Every seasonís change, one of the Baronís loyal knights volunteers to reach Hellwinter and guard the borderlands by himself.
Itís a harsh and lonely task which, unsurprisingly, has gained for the solitary outpost a gloomy fameÖ
Now, almost three months have passed since Sir Gallaharn Kairn, one of the bravest Baronís knights, took on his duty, and he still hasnít sent any news to Sir Bedivere, as he was supposed to do on a weekly basis. Thus, the Baron has decided to send a group of Heroes to check whether something bad has happened.
* * *

This adventure follows the Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e ruleset and is for three to five noble Knights and Heroes.