• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Punk & Frontier/Western genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed (Mostly Freeform).
  • This game contains adult content.
The Fated Straight: A Rollicking Airship Tale

So, here's the way it is. Earth as we know it is gone. The people? Not so much. When the waters rose, we learned to float. Seemed the thing to do.

Now cities are whipped together out of any old flotsam and trade for old-world technology is big business. So big, point of fact, that cartels fight wars just to get the stuff. The largest of them, them as formed the Northern Coalition, live in cities in the sky. And they've got their sights set on spreading until they've got a foot on the throat of the rest of the world, too. The rest of us? Well, we make do.

Beasts roam the waters. Pirates prowl the skies. Folk get by. Or they don't. Time and tide, they don't wait, and they don't care. But in the Floats, the patched together shanty-cities bobbing around in the Vast, there's always opportunity to live a safe, simple life under someone else's thumb.

That's not for us, though is it? Us? We find a job, and we keep flying.

The Fated Straight is a vaguely cattle-punk stab at ensemble heist tales in the vein of Firefly, Shadowrun, and The Gentlemen Bastards. Take some Star Trek sensibilities, some Indiana Jones globe-trotting, and a Waterworld setting, and you're getting pretty close.

Come fly the decidedly unfriendly skies with us!