• This game is under the Fantasy, Ancient & Survival genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder (House-Ruled).
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Scions of Kisharoth
It had been a golden age of wonders. Various synthesis of technology and magics had made travel, communication, and ease of life very common, as well as propel knowledge and innovation to new heights.

Then a group of the brightest and most-learned scholars and sages, now known as the Apostates, made contact with something beyond their understanding. They followed its directions in order to be better able to communicate with it, and thus learn from it. In the process, they opened the Rift, allowing the hordes of Oblivion to pour through, led by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They immediately set about destroying all they came across, and serious resistance was slow to come. The people had been used to peace and art and learning, and war was a thing of stories and old and dusty manuals on forgotten library shelves.

Yet the people of this region were quite capable, and they did resist. And as it became apparent that these invaders meant to destroy all life, more and more people began to flock to their aid. Massive armies and powerful magics were levied against the daemonic forces, and yet there seemed to be no end to their number; and their generals, the Four Horsemen, killed thousands of troops a day by themselves.

And then, a massive fleet of ships appeared on the horizon. As it approached, the heavens suddenly opened up, and a host of countless angels poured forth. The war took on a whole new aspect, for while the celestials could effectively counter the forces of the Four Horsemen, this caused the enemy to shift to new tactics, and soon the entire world suffered as the stage of battle after battle. The celestials taught the mortals in the ways of war, and how to adapt their knowledge to the task at hand.

For several generations of most mortals, the war ravaged the face of the planet. In some places, entire civilizations were wiped from existence in a single day.

And then, one day, on the large island where it all started….

The soldier grunts as he pushes past the dying, demonic being, and looks up for the next enemy to face, and then, upon seeing that there are none nearby, relaxes for a moment. Most of the enemy was clustered in front of the Rift, a mountainous black tear in reality, reaching up to scrape the sky. They had actually managed to push the forces of Oblivion back. The soldier swallowed grimly upon seeing that the Four Horsemen are among the enemy forces, and that all of the foul creations of theirs seem to be feeding off of the energies leaking from their masters and through the Rift.

Suddenly, a great sound splits the sky, and a pure wave of light spreads across the horizon. The armies of heaven, and even the very gods themselves have arrived. Shamash, shining like the sun he rules from; Tanit, with her bow and curved blades; Bel, with his lightning spear; and many others arrayed with them. Aside them were the rest of their heavenly hosts. The celestial army rushes forth into the mass of daemons, fighting to push them back. The Four Horsemen and the Gods meet in combat as well, and when they trade blows, nearby beings are destroyed.

The soldier raises his sword in a unseen salute to those above him, and charges forward, leaping into the fray, intent on making sure this war ends today…

A loud trumpet blast sounds, and the remaining enemy forces that are capable of magical egress vanish. The soldier pauses and looks toward the black Rift. As the notes of the trumpet's sounding reach it, it begins to fall in on itself, growing smaller and smaller. Beyond it, many celestial beings, an army of mortals, and the god Adon can be seen, holding the breach. As the Rift vanishes, a powerful explosion rushes forth. The soldier tries to raise his arm to cover his eyes, but the blast has swept far past where he once stood before his arm ever twitches.

The island quivers like a struck bell. As tidal waves spread forth to wreak havoc on other nearby islands, the battle ground begins to crack and crumble into a massive sinkhole, which the ocean water quickly finds its way into. Tremor after tremor rock the region, and the great hole continues to expand, eating away at the core of the island.