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Wicked Wild Wild West
It's been 50 odd years since the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France, and the Wild West has just begun.  Thanks to the discovery of metals worth mining, tiny outposts have sprouted up all through the country from the Mississippi river to the west coast of California.  Between the here and there are a few metropolis popups, such as Dodge City out in Kansas, Tombstone down in Arizona, Cody up in Wyoming, and Denver right here in the heart of Colorado.

Denver happens to sit on a nice Gold Mine, and that has given Denver an unfair headstart as a major metropolis and hub of the Wild West.  You are one of the heroes of the story, perhaps a Native American Brave or Shaman, or perhaps a Croupier at a poker table.  Maybe you're Pinkerton on a case or a Muckraker looking for his latest story, a Preacher looking for a flock, or a Soldier from the war... Maybe even a Texas Ranger...

Whatever reason, you're here in Denver with it's vast 2-saloon sized welcome, a barber shop, a couple of whore houses, and cheap deeds for building your own place if you've got just a few gold ingots.  There's just one problem....

Maybe it's a leak in the spirit realm if you're a Sioux, or maybe a demon infestation, or any number of other plausible explanations... but you... you've got a 'gift'.  A 'power', and it makes you so much more than those around you.

And you're not the only one... Old Mister Thompson at the OK Coral seems to know a few individuals who are also 'gifted', and he's making a right good use of this knowledge to grab himself up a might awful lot of power.  Good god-fearing people are disappearing, tribes are being slaughtered, and somehow, Mister Thompson is always at just the right spot to pick up the pieces.  He and his boys done made a name for themselves, and word is... they ain't willin to share neither.

Together, through planning or happenstance, you and your fellows realize that you have to make a stand, to stop this evil... and with your powers, might well be the only ones that can.