• This game is under the Fantasy, Horror & Contemporary genres.
The Quest
The end of the world is Nye… the reighn of the mortal is at an end.

The Desolation’s are upon us. The Old Gods have unleashed the divine host to cleanse the world of mortal kind. Across the face of the world death and destruction are meted out with astonishing voracity. Mortal armies, living hoards, and natures beast face unbeatable odds, as the host, lead by the gods themselves lay wast to all in their path.

The end is here…

Across the barren waste of the desert Scar word has wafted back that a lone soldier has done the impossible.

She has Killed a god…

Perhaps you have traveled across the dessert sands in hopes of joining the last hope of mortal kind. Perhaps you were standing on the wall, or on the field of battle when the impossible happened. What ever your reason, the hands of fate have shifted… Hope springs anew… perhaps, in the end… we can survive the Wrath of the Gods.


Reverence is a project to re-invent classic fantasy by tieing in some eastern, and middle eastern fantasy tropes. It is a high magic, fantasy setting, with different, new and (hopefully) interesting races.

As I hope to make this a full, and lavish work of fantasy, I am open to a great many ideas, and look forward to adding great concepts and great stories to the project.

I’m hoping that the story we created collaboratively will spark an idea that i can run with personally toward publishing something in the setting.