• This game is under the Fantasy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e Eberron.
Stormreach: The Razor Coast

What brings people to Stormreach? Is it the mystery of long forgotten magics? Is it freedom from the war-weary five kingdoms? Is it the chance to rise above one's assigned station in life? To be valued for one's accomplishments, and not merely the chance of birth? Is it to spread civilization, or flee it? Is it a reward? Is it a punishment?

Across the Thunder sea, and beyond Shargon's Teeth , Stormreach awaits with all of its dark secrets and treasures, and behind the veil lay truths which could dictate the fate of the world.

Adventure with us in the world of Eberron, in the continent of Xen'drik where the heart of darkness reigns. To the bustling port of Storm's Reach, where the intrigues are no less tangled for being remote. Prepare yourself for:
  • Swashbuckling Pirates and Malevolent Fiends
  • Enduring Love and Merciless Betrayal
  • Abject Failure and Redemption

Submit a fifth level adventurer suitable for Eberron, with background, personality, and character. If you know why they came to Stormreach, say so; if not, then we will come up with a suitable hook.

details on character creation are here: RTJ

I'm interested in learning D&D 5e together, and while house rules are loads of fun, that's not what I want to do at this time.
Select your race/class from WOTC published materials.

I will be flexible when considering modifed backgrounds as they are not meant to be game-changers but rather game-enhancers. House rules are not likely to gain traction, as I'm trying to learn 5e. That said, I will make my own house rules, and that's totally fair.