• This game is under the Fantasy, Historical & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
  • This game contains adult content.
Give Me LIBERTY or Give Me DEATH
It’s called alternate history. You take a real historical happening and you change it, subtle or otherwise, and see where it goes. The historical events are those of the “American Revolution” or “War of Colonial Independence.” Depending on how you look at it, British or American/French this was changed the world. It created a nation which, for the first time, was based on limited Government and individual freedom.

Now here is the change, magic is real. That one statement makes the whole world turn upside down, doesn’t it? So here is how it works:
During the Middle Ages magic was outlawed as witchcraft. Then the enlightenment came along, and reading about it you get the impression that suddenly a whole wave of people were atheists and the created secular humanism with a snap of the finger and a man named Galileo. This is untrue. Galileo even still professed to be a Christian, but has Hermantic writings and practiced Alchemy. Francis Bacon, Alchemy; Ben Franklin, Alchemy...

What these men found in their studies was a source of power - and in modern times we call it the Quantum Energy Field - that they could manipulate to create desired effects. The Hundred Years War ended and European powers agreed to limit the kind of magic used on the Continent, but not the colonies. Three hundred years later the French taught their Native American allies many powerful magic, taking people who mainly used Druidism, Oracles, and Sorcery and training them as Alchemists, Wizards, Magi, Summoners, etc. and turned them loose on the Puritans of New England, who rejected all forms of magic. It was a slaughter, though it could have been worse. The Puritans were excellent Gunslingers, Cavaliers, and there were a few Vigilantes among them who practiced magic.

In 1770 The Dutch in New Amsterdam, the Germans in Pennsylvania, and the more pragmatic English in Virginia and the Carolinas had managed a stalemate against the foes to the west. Great Britain finally managed to add resources from the far east and India in 1773. By January of 1775, it was a cleanup operation, with only a handful of Native holdouts. Then the British started taxing the colonies...

Come join an alternate American Revolution. This is alternate history, nothing is off the table. The Colonials might win, the Brits might win, the Natives might beat them both. Magic is a real wildcard, and the butterfly effect and all that. Players will be expected to do what they are needed to do, not just fight on the front lines, there are all sorts of missions they will undertake. There will be puzzles, social interactions, and combats something for everyone. Inspiration will be drawn from the TV show Sleepy Hallow but only very loose inspiration. The only “don’t” will be you may not play a historical characters. Those will make cameos controlled by your GM.