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Please Note: This is an ADULT game and you must be 18 years old or over in order to participate. This game will feature explicit violence and sex, if you have a problem with either of these then please do not apply.

Double or Nothing!

This game is inspired by a series of books by George R R Martin (Mr Game of Thrones). It was focused on a Mosaic of stories and characters (much like G.O.T) who lived in an alternate world where an alien virus had created Ace's and Jokers after an explosion back in 1946. Aces and Jokers were people with superpowers (Aces) and gross mutations and deformities (Jokers). Ace's had useful 'superpowers', Jokers were ones who were deformed or had powers and abilities which were useless or unsavoury.

Aces were rare... 1 ace for every 10 jokers for every 100 who died screaming as the virus destroyed their bodies.

Knowledge of the book series is not needed, however for those who are familiar with it, this is an 'Alternate' universe inspired by it, in which various versions of the book characters may be existing together at times where they would not have been in the book series (due to character deaths, ages etc) It also exists at a time where certain book events (Such as Alien invasions, 'Super villain' attacks, Criminal plots, etc, etc) may or may not have taken place yet.. and perhaps never will. It's set in 2018, with most characters having manifested their abilities over the past few years.

It is also open to new plots and dangers.

Mainly this serves as a Erotic and Social game, with elements of conflict arranged between players and GM to their tastes. Scenarios will also be run for those looking for some adventure, otherwise it is a Sandbox world. Expect to encounter scenes of Violence, Sex and Erotica, Adventure and Horror.

When it comes to characters, think no costumes, grey morality, realistic portrayal of abilities and agendas. More in the RTJ thread.