• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Supernatural & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Tales from the Loop.
Magnetic Springs Summer Camp
Welcome to the Magnetic Springs summer camp.  While the town of Magnetic Springs might be known for hosting the liveliest water around, the recently renovated summer camp lives in a beautiful wilderness area, complete with a large lake and river system and our very own Magnetic Mountain.

Your children will learn survival skills, self-sufficiency, and confidence over the course of their ten week stay at the camp.  Rest assured, all camp counselors are certified in first aid, safety, and child development.  Your children are in good hands!


This is a game of kids investigating strange happenings at a summer camp. Inspirations include the Lumberjanes comic, along with a G rated dose of Stranger Things.

The game takes place in 1995.  Then, Google was only an idea in the minds of two graduate students.  Alta Vista has just started as an online search engine, and the World Wide Web is filled with informational sites.  Online commerce hasn't gotten started yet.  Smart phones were just being designed, and cell phones were used primarily by business executives.