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Tales of Kuzimi
This world rose from the ashes of the Old one. The dying world was flooded with a Cosmic Sea which turned all things into stars. The void of endless potential was shaped by a memory of humanity. Life soon reclaimed the world, the magic of the Cosmic Sea flowing through its veins. Humanity is still one people, but they have been changed and morphed by magic. There is a fine line between mortals and the Gods, and the modern world has flourished by embracing all of magic's gifts.

This game will take place in one part of this world, the Kuzimi Islands, and its multi-cultural city. Here, the indigenous population, the Ito, and countless other amazing races live together. Choose from default races or make your own! The possibilities are endless!

This game is rated Mature for strong themes and horror. Expect LGBT+ themes and characters. This game has a no-tolerance policy for Racism, Sexism, Homo/Transphobia or Able-ism. This fantasy world is NOT inspired by Western/European fantasy cannon.