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Welcome to Dungeon World - The Land of Fate

06:58, 18th May 2024 (GMT+0)

Dungeon World - The Land of Fate

Welcome to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.
Many gods exist within these lands, and many ways to believe in higher powers. No matter who you ask, however, everyone can agree on one thing. Fate is as powerful and alternating as the sands themselves. For it can bring the fall of the highest Sultan, give rise to the diamond among beggar thieves, change the path of a genie and twist the arms of deities. Fate cares not who you are, but what you may become.

So the eyes of Fate look onto our small group, lead by Syrio and his impulses to adventure and riches. He is followed by Nimol & Sannang, as bonded as a pair can be. Ravnar keeps up with them alongside his work for the goddess Kali.
They - and us with them - start this story in Wasat, the middle city. A sleepy town where one restless man resides, who hopes these intrepid adventurers will be the bridge between him and his dreams.