• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
  • This game contains mature content.
Welcome to The Guild of Deathbell
Welcome to Deathbell

I apologize ahead of time. I do not have the best grammer but I will do my best.

Before joing the guild there are a few requirements that need going through.

1. The title that you go by (if not ready to share with the group, private message me) Name:

2. The race that you may be.

3. The job you have taken.

4. One of the reasons for joining the guild.
Upon joining the guild you will have amnesty to any crimes you may have committed in the past. Now granted the ones you have offend, may still carry a grudge but the law can't touch you. This pardon is one time which is when you join.

5. There is a bonus of 1,000 GP for joining.
It is for your equipment. You start with nothing but clothes, your backstory may give you bonuses if well written and calls for the item to be there.

6. History of the guild.
The guild is one of the most known guilds in the world. It has reaches far and wide. The guilds main base is a tree top village.

6.5 The forest.
The forest the guild resides above is the safest and most dangerous place in the world. There within lives what is called the black creatures. No one is sure what they are or look like because none has lived to tell the tale. All anyone knows is that during the day it is safe to travel the forest. it appears that the creatures are nocturnal. The creatures don't appear to know how or care to climb the trees. If in the forest at night and found you may be given a luck save to see if you are saved by someone up above. Best to avoid be in the bottom of the forest at night.

7. Player interaction.
I really would like to largely stress this. I have been in many games where the players only focused on the DM/GM and practically ignored the other players. I love interaction between character to me that is what makes a story.

8. Interesting characters.
I would like you to make characters the are different then the normal guy/girl. They should be interesting, have strange personality quirks. Also they don't have to be human, you literally can make anything race you like. Also backstory for your character is also helpful.