• This game is under the Superhuman, Action/Adventure & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
Realm Defender : Avalon
The city of Avalon was founded 2000 years ago, and since its founding has been the place for human progress to be pushed forward. The sprawling metropolis has more things in it then the average person could possibly see in one lifetime. The days the white buildings and tasteful art on the sides of some are enough to put the mind at ease, at the night the neon mixed with new holographic displays keep tourists hypnotized on the city's wonder.

Among all of this human progress, several large parks exist, six in total, with the one in the center of the city said to be where the ground was first broke on Avalon. It has long held childhood rumors of ghosts, guardian spirits, and secret hideaways. The surrounding parks are no less impressive, but who maintains them is a mystery to all. These parks, along with a theme park on the east side of town, a shopping center in south side Avalon, north side's museum district, and west side's industrial parks make up a perfectly harmonious city of the future.

Some would say that peace was not to last.

A string of strange break-ins and brazen robberies has caused the people of Avalon to fear. Reportedly, monsters are behind the attacks and the police are powerless to track them down or stop them.

What the realm needs, is a Defender.

Or a new kind of Ruler

Which are you?