• This game is under the Apocalyptic, Contemporary & Survival genres.
  • The game system is Freeform.
  • This game contains adult content.
Pioneers: Repopulating Earth
The 2020 Olympics, the splendor, the pageantry, the athletes, the police and soldiers, the petty thieves, and the crowded grandstands, thousands of diverse people in one place.  And there is one more group, the terrorists.  At the opening ceremony and at many events afterward, young men and women wander through the milling crowds.  Each has a concealed plastic bag containing a greenish liquid.  Periodically they squeeze a hidden halve that lets some of the liquid drip out of the bag where it vaporizes rapidly and wafts away on the breezes.  The greenish liquid is a particularly virulent virus created to attack human DNA and kill the host.  It infects victims almost instantly and they are contagious within hours.  No symptoms appear until the virus is in its late stages.  There is a vaccine but it must be taken before infection.  So, it goes each day of the Olympics.

The closing ceremonies are done and the last delegations have departed for the airport. Those infected first already feel the cold-like symptoms.  Then the cold gets worse.  Nothing helps so off to the clinic and doctors.  Tests and sudden hospitalization.  Then the body shuts down in death.  It is the same globally.  A pandemic has struck humankind and 95% of people die.  Old, young, fit, weak, they die.  They die by the millions.  Oddly the corpses do not rot.  After a day or so they crumple to powder that blows or melts away.  The virus dies for humans are the only hosts and those few that remain alive are too remote or have some sort of resistance.  Ironically, the ones who spread the virus are among the first to die.  Their vaccinations, effective against the virus they spread, had no effect on the mutated versions of the virus that appeared almost immediately.  The human congestion in the world is no more.

Join us as we strive to repopulate the world from Sean's isolated Midwestern farm.  Almost anything goes but we'd prefer things to be milder than the Mad Max series.