• This game has been marked for deletion.
[WFRP 2e] Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom
They'll never write an epic poem or ballad about you.  They'll never put your likeness into a tapestry or a sculpture.  A painting, maybe, as one of those poor wretches in the background.

You are the bottom of the barrel.  The dirtiest dregs, the lowest of the low.  The ones that other people think of when they say "it could be worse."  The ones that high society tries really, really hard not to notice.

But the thing about not being noticed is that you're probably the first to notice the other things that don't get noticed.  The things that don't want to get noticed.  The things that aren't going to be too happy about you noticing them.

Better hope they don't catch on to you now that you've caught on to them...