• This game is under the Supernatural, Horror & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Vampire: The Requiem.
  • This game contains adult content.
Aria of Feathers & Crimson
Aria of Feathers & Crimson is a contemporary urban-fantasy game that utilizes the Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition System and Rules. The purpose of the game is both to give me practice as a GM - my GM-ing experience is limited - but also to give me practice with the nWoD 2nd Edition system more. I am very rusty with nWoD and have no experience with the 2nd edition of requiem, although I have some Vampire Experience overall. Another purpose of this game is to bring enjoyment to both myself and you, the player.

This game will be a bit different than what you may be used to. First of all, I'm only allowing 1 player admission to the game at this time. My posting rate for the game will vacillate between once/day to once/per week to anything in between. It is adult, as this game will have adult themes and content in it. A player in this game does need to be able to handle sensitive issues, including sex, exploitation, violence, drugs, and so on. Also, there will be some special house rules in play  - not massive system overhauls mind you, but due to plot reasons the player will be a Mekhet Vampire and will be part of a special bloodline from the get-go. The reasons for this will be revealed and explored and elaborated upon over time as the game progresses. As such, I will be having some requirements that need to be adhered to for character creation, and prospective players need to be okay with this.

I will not kill off your character unless you do something very blatantly stupid, and even then I may fudge things a bit. But you need to be prepared - I will harm, embarrass, and humiliate your character as the story requires, and you need to be okay with this. Your character definitely will be special and even somewhat unique even among vampires, but you are NOT the biggest or the best fish in the sea and need to both be prepared for this truth, and accept it. It's not about "how do I overcome this world" so much as "how do I cope with it." So with that all said, yes your character will have special consideration from me in this game but in exchange I ask you to tolerate some level of masochism for your character at times. But only some - I want someone who isn't a complete push-over, even though they equally aren't a complete alpha either.