• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Punk & Future genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
The Quickening
"I was so young when it all happened. I didn't understand really. I just knew we had to hide -- well -- I should say I could feel it. But I was so young.

"I mean, that's probably what saved me I guess. I don't remember what life was like before the Sphere went up -- before the Guardians. Maybe it really was dangerous back then. Maybe it was all for the best." - Journeybook of the Pariah, ch.1


Welcome to the Quickening -- a sci-fi free-form story that takes place starting in the year 2142 on our Earth. In this future timeline, a recent uprising had led to the rise of a fiercely protectionist government body known as the Aegis in the northeastern portion of North America (New England and into the Atlantic Provinces of today's Canada). Characters will discover and help write the story behind the emergence of the Aegis and the history of the civil war that led to their ascension twenty years before the events depicted here.

The story itself is intended to evolve based on character interactions and a specific series of main events. As characters discover new information on the world as it exists within this world, more information will be added to this game info page. Game maps will be updated accordingly as well. Although the story mostly takes place in Boston, throughout New England, and into the Maritime Provinces of Canada, the world as it exists in 2142 is only partially influenced by real-world constructs. For the most part, creative freedom is more important to this game than similitude.

The Year is 2142

Compared to our world today, 2142 is shaped by a number of key technological and social differences. To begin, work as we know it has changed tremendously. Given advances in robotics and programming technology, laborious and physically demanding jobs are generally not carried out by humans. That isn't to say we all get a free ride. Approximately 20% of the population in this region works in robotics and technology. Another 60% are engaged in forced military service as Guardians.

While work-driven technology is considerably more advanced, many other forms of tech have taken the opposite trajectory. This is notably the case for communication technology, where telecom infrastructure and electronics have been strictly outlawed since shortly before the war. These laws were enacted as a protective measure and have ensured that communications technology as we know it is now virtually non-existent in 2142.

Transportation technology has undergone a similar trend. The tremendous scarcity of fuel sources coupled with highly restrictive rules on travel have combined to greatly limit access to transportation of any real kind. A highly controlled and very limited rail system exists to transport people around the city of Boston and to a handful of outposts within the safe zone. Beyond this, only a few other forms of transportation technology exist, all of which are highly regulated and limited to very specific tasks.

Beyond this, government is centralized with the Aegis as the only ruling body. Though their policies are highly restrictive, the majority see them as necessary to protect our way of life from both external forces and internal dissenters. Of the two, the latter is considered the most problematic due to the persisting effect of what is known as the Quickening.

The Quickening

By the late 21st century, advances in biotechnology allowed scientists to greatly extend the human lifespan. By eliminating most diseases and slowing the aging process, some highly privileged humans were able to live well into their 140s. Then in the early 22nd century, a number of unforeseen side effects began to emerge. The most important of these is now referred to as the Quickening.

The Quickening first manifested itself in children born of biologically altered humans. For these children however, alterations were not limited to typical resistance to disease and slowed aging like their parents. First, researchers noticed that children who manifested the Quickening were finely attuned to one another. They could feel each other's presence, become overwhelmed with another child's emotions, and sometimes even communicate telepathically. Because of this, many of these children gravitated towards each other, creating a sort of hive mind.

Finally, as these children grew older, they realized they could also connect with others who were not quickened -- sense them, read their emotions, and even influence their thoughts. In this case, the connection was one-directional. Non-quickened humans were unable to reciprocate and occasionally found themselves in difficult situations as a result.

As these children began to grow into their teen years, the Aegis emerged. Their goal was simple: to protect us all from this unnatural evolution of the species. In 2121, and with a legion of supporters from all walks of life, the Aegis took control of the region by force. Among their first acts as a ruling body, they erected a series of towers known collectively as the Sphere. The Sphere acts to inhibit the effects of the Quickening to all who live in the area, repressing its manifestations almost entirely. In this way, they ensure the public is protected from quickened children, and the children from themselves.