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When the Sun Sets on Spinner's Cove
In the mid-1800s, three families headed for the mainland of North America discovered an unmarked island off the coast of New England. As far as they knew, their unfortunate turn of course had lead them to their own private paradise, and Spinner's Cove was founded. The Norths, Blackwells, and Armstrongs were determined to make Spinner's Cove their home, only unaware that others had already claimed the land and surrounding seas.

Over the years, members each family encountered forces of the supernatural. For the most part, the secrets kept lead to unions and pacts that evolved into something worth keeping from the outside world.

Today, Spinner's Cove is nearly forgotten save for those who have descended from the original settlers and the occasional lost traveler. It is a truth universally understood by residents that there are otherworldly forces and beings living among them.