• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Swords and Wizardry (White Box FMAG).
  • This game contains mature content.
The Ruin of Oneryaxe
Twenty human generations past, the ancient and calamitous black dragon known as Oneryaxe the Ruin, the Poison, the Mist and He Who Follows the Thunder flew unexpectedly out of the uncharted West and laid west to the kingdoms and peoples of the western most continent of the World.

His disaster billowed over cities, and towns, and villages, and towers, and keeps, and manors, and ancestral tombs and peasant hovels like a shroud. In less than a decade, he’d nearly depopulated the continent of the good peoples of the World and claimed the space as his own.

Five years ago, a stalwart band of adventures hewed up the Raging Run River, and under the cover of spell and skill stalked unwatched into the heart of Oneryaxe’s lair, and in a mighty battle some say lasted an entire day, this band slew The Ruin.

The survivors retired, and on the spot of the ancient black’s corpse, they founded a new fortified town, Hightop. Nosag Vos established his Barony, and claimed that title by right. His colleagues became his council of advisors, and set up businesses of their own.

Five years on, and word has spread throughout the world that The Ancient Ruin Oneryaxe is dead. And he left behind the ruins of the civilization he’d destroyed lo those many years ago when he arrived from out of the uncharted West. Adventures are trickling in, all with the gleam of unclaimed treasures, old family heirlooms, and maybe even the odd or powerful magical relic in their eyes.

As Terble Hoarse, the dwarven proprietor of the Red Horse Inn says to all newcomers, “It’s good you’ve arrived now. In another six months, you won’t be able to swing a dead goblin without hitting a miscreant adventurer

This is the Ruin of Oneryaxe, home to uncounted ruins, perhaps filled with treasure, undoubtedly overrun with monsters, brigands, the hungry dead and other unsavories. This is the land of opportunity to which you’ve traveled, through sword or spell or honeyed words or a stalker’s step, and whether by hook or by crook, you intend to find your fortune here...

This is an “Old School” D&D dungeon crawl game roughly in the “West Marches” or “sandbox” style of play.

We’ll be using the White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game rules - which are kind of a v2 of Sword & Wizardry White Box. We’ll also use rules from the awesome White Box Omnibus and White Box Compendium suplements. And naturally, I’ve got a few house rules.

No prior knowledge of D&D is required to join the game - it’ll be newbie friendly.