• This game is under the Fantasy, Supernatural & Horror genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Tapestry Of Fate || Ravenloft||
It was not strange to happen upon the Vistani they were after all traveling people, what was odd was the fact that they found you to be in need and freely offered you the chance to stay with them within their caravan as they traveled.

You all share the same story.

You have come from somewhere else, you are not natives to the plane of Dread, in fact you thought you were still traveling through a heavily forested area within your own world. It wasn't hard to assume this many woods are deep and dark. The Vistani you travel with are wonderful people, they are kind to a fault, they give you jobs within the Caparino. ( Caravan). They are both lively and lovely, music an dance at night, story-telling around the fire as your group settles in to eat.

Beautiful lasses, and striking lads.

A welcome company after traveling in the dreary wood.

It all seemed like something that you hear in a story. Maybe you are in a story now. It is a night of nights. It is Samhain, the night when the barrier between the spirit world and the world of the living is very thin. Its always an exciting time for them. The Master of the Caravan Georgioni sets up a challenge telling a story of terror, to give everyone the shivers.

It is good natured, as the older woman make sweets for children, and grandmother has her cauldron of strew going in front of the fire. As well as the wild boar that was caught earlier that night.

It seems to be a night for entertainment, and oh but the mists agree. As they linger around your camp, and while you retire to your wagons, the mists rise up higher.