• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
The Argentos Traveling Show
This is for a parallel game using the same Europa setting as my other DnD game.
But something different.  Very different.  This one follows the adventures of a traveling show, a group of performers... and then some, as the sponsors of this group uses the traveling show as a discreet, mobile base camp for doing all sorts of important things that must be done.  The cause of good must sometimes wear a clown nose, after all.

Original Europa Game is here:
link to another game

The Argentos Traveling Show is widely regarded as the overall best performers' troupe in Western Europa, although they shy away from the more risque (they would say "sleazy" ) performances.  The Argentos Traveling Show presents musicians, singers, acrobats, mages... performers of all kinds, with some of the best to be seen anywhere.   The show is the work of one middle aged couple, both professionals in the field and skilled at management.  They have a home base in Basilea, the exotic and strategically located City of Dragons, and they usually plan to spend at least a month or two of the year there.  But from there, they cover a lot of ground, and turn up almost anywhere.  No one turns the Traveling Show away.