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[FFd6] Bury Me Deep
A thousand years ago the world was at the brink of destruction from the reign of terror brought on by the feared Lich known as Sedidas, a wicked, terrible creature that sold his soul to Chaos himself for access to a near limitless font of power. Sedidas took this power and amassed an army of the dead and corrupted the hearts of kings to bring every nation within his reach to their knees. Sedidas chose twelve champions from his ranks to become his generals, confidants, and consorts. They became known as the Twelve Devils of Sedidas.


The goddess Cosmos witnessed the rise of power from Sedidas and his bid to rule the world. Frightened of the consequences of the Lich, she chose champions to bear her strength and fight the Lich and his collection of generals. They became known as the Warriors of Light.

For ten years the Warriors of Light fought against the forces of evil, purifying the hearts of men corrupted by the Lich's influence and slaying the devils one by one and sealing away their souls in a winding labrynth that stretched for miles and miles below the surface of the world known as The Dungeon, each Devil receiving their own chamber on a separate level according to the sins they had committed, with a thirteenth chamber beneath the rest of the demons for the Lich himself.

Legend has it that the Warriors of Light stood over the burning, decaying form of Sedidas, and that as the Lich drew his final breaths, he gave a grave warning to the heroes.

"If my soul should ever see the light of day again or sense the faintest trace of mana, I will be free once again. For your own safety, heroes... Bury me deep."